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Our Team

Mike Conway

Manager, Dole Diversified Agriculture
Waialua Estate Coffee and Cacao

Mike Conway

“I haven’t been this excited about growing something in a long time"

- Michael Conway



Born and raised in Colorado, Mike Conway volunteered for the Peace Corps in 1971 and served as an Agriculture Science Teacher in Sarawak, East Malaysia. On his return he stopped to visit family in Honolulu and applied to the University of Hawaii Agriculture Program graduating with a Masters of Science Degree and specializing in Pineapple research. In 1978, he went to work for Dole Food Company working on Oahu, in Central America, the Caribbean, and on Lana’i as Dole's Research Superintendent.

In 1990 Mike moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to work on a 40 acre Anthurium flower farm. Working with small business management and new crops, he found a new interest in diversified products.

Mike returned to Dole in 1999 to run the diversified agricultural enterprise, a Dole project to find marketable agriculture products to keep the land productive and people employed in the wake of the sugar industry closure. These crops included papaya, coffee, cacao, flowers, mango, lychee, bananas, coconuts, avocados, feed and forage crops, as well as the already established pineapple fields. Once all the crops were established, Dole leased the farms to local operators to promote and manage.

In 2004 –Dole reopened the Coffee and Cacao farms – and Mike Conway returned as Manager of Waialua Coffee and Cacao and Diversified Agriculture products.


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